Casino Slot V reviews by real players

Should you play at Casino Slot B?

A popular online casino like Slot V always generates a lot of reviews from real players. Choosing a platform for entertainment in your free time, of course, it is worth familiarizing yourself with what other players praise and for what criticize Slot V casino. This will help you determine exactly how to start playing Slot B, and what you need to know before starting the game.

Today we will consider both positive and negative reviews about Slot B casino in order to get an objective picture of the work of the gambling site.

Positive feedback about Slot V Casino

Looking at the positive comments from the players, several main trends can be identified. Players love:

  • Nice design in modern tradition.
  • Lack of intrusive ads and annoying banners.
  • Huge selection of slot machines, roulettes and arcade slots.
  • Round-the-clock support and courtesy of managers.
  • No lags and freezes in the work of games and the site itself.
  • Convenient navigation on the online casino website.
  • Many services for replenishment and withdrawal of money.

To summarize, the players praise the Slot V casino in their reviews for the competent approach and the embodiment of the full functionality that is needed for a comfortable game.

Negative comments about Slot B casino

What are the players unhappy with and why? In negative reviews, you can find information that some users were not able to quickly withdraw their winnings. Another part - we experienced problems connecting and getting up-to-date links to working mirrors of Slot V.

However, it is worth noting here that they, apparently, played on unofficial clones of Slot V casino, since in communication with a representative of Slot B on thematic forums and sites, they called IDs that did not correspond to the official website.

What you need to know to play comfortably at Slot V

To avoid problems when playing at Slot V online casino, you must:

  • Register on the official website of the casino or on the current mirror.
  • Indicate up-to-date email and phone number when registering.
  • Use the same service to fund your account and withdraw funds.
  • Read and follow the online casino rules.

With these simple tips, you can always enjoy playing any slot machine without worrying about anything. Enjoy the thrill 24/7 at Slot V casino!

Check out the reviews of real players below:

You run for one or two

images 3

Now, if anyone needs to relax on the excitement - everything is in Slot B. You run it once or twice, it works on my smartphone without jambs, but it is not my top one. I never had any problems. All perfectly!


Ludil is always a little.

images 1

Ludil is always a little. I was afraid to fill in the kazy seriously, because I always saw the reviews that it was difficult with the conclusion and tydy. I decided to just play for myself, throwing a little on slots. And then I won the first 20k with a little in Slot B. I thought everything, the grandmother was gone. Brought out in 2 hours. Now I put it in more serious and always calm - everything is taken out by the clock. Top kazic!

GI Lud1

The place for the normal is high quality and excellent.

images 2

The place for the normal is high quality and excellent. At Slot V, I love the style, game selection and support. They are always responsible for 2 minutes only at night, they dimmed a couple of times, maybe the shift changed. There are no problems at all with the rest. Everything is fun, comfortable and carbonic. Great casino!

Frolov KP.

tip-top in Slot V

sun rays

tip-top in Slot V. I spin slots, regularly free spins fall. Coins are given out often. With the level, however, it is a little too much required for the transition, but I usually do not drive - I just get emotions. And there are a lot of them!

San sanner

The casino is cool


The casino is awesome. There are no troubles with them, everything is buzzing. Enters and withdraws, promotions are held. I often hang out in tournaments: I love slots, and at the same time I skate on tournaments. Top kazya!

Cheburashka on slots

Slot B for me a place for fun


Slot B is for me a place for fun. I play for money and so. There are no favorite slots, I play all genres. Everything works gorgeous. Plus there is always a link to the mirror. To Lena Z. from the support team a separate hello - a great girl!


I'm having fun in the casino.


I'm having fun in the casino. After work and family, I need a normal shake at least once a week. This is exactly what I was looking for in casinos. I watched reviews, followed forums, tried casinos and chose. As a result, I decided to play Slot V. I was completely satisfied. They talk about bonuses in detail with all the conditions. It is convenient and simple to deposit and withdraw money. There are plenty of games, play whatever you want. The support is also sensible, but I was not particularly stupid. Verification took place even before the first bet, since then there have been no problems. You can play great.

Vladimir Sergeichenko

Cool place. New items delight in Slot B

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Cool place. New items delight in Slot B: something new is constantly appearing on slot machines and roulettes. I do not like to sit in one game for a long time, so here it is. I see no reason to check other casinos: the games are, in fact, the same everywhere, and everything is the freshest here. There are no problems or complaints. Nice casino, one of the best.

Daniel Torzhkov

Slot V - space!

1931654421 square

Slot V - space! Not a really cool casino. Filled in 5k, raised 15k and brought it out without problems. Then he flooded, but from time to time he otmazyvat and the norms are brought. Purely for excitement, it comes in high quality. I twist Yggdrasil and a little microgaming, they have exactly what the best slots among all. The support is great. Like. That work in different languages!

Daut Yandiev

What am I doing in Slot V?


I am 43 years old, I have a family, a house, a car, a summer house and everything else. I'm not a gambler. What am I doing in Slot V? I rest and relax. Work, home, family - sometimes you want to disconnect from this and not think about it. For myself, I found Slot B with its poker, roulette and slots. I can afford to relax normally and do not bother anyone. It seems to me that we all need to rest) And then everyone will be happy. The casino itself is excellent, very, very: modern, stable and works fast.

Vasily Parmich

I will leave my opinion about Slot B

chelovek i yabloko

I will leave my opinion about Slot B. I cannot call it the only and best of the best (there are still Volcanoes, huh?;)). Well this is a joke. And on the case - an excellent casino. Tried many and different. Now I play from time to time at three. I use Slot B all the time. Here are both new items and stable operation of old games. Everything I play or want to play is there. Convenient, pleasant and easy: the best source of adrenaline for me. Recommend!

Alexey Ogarev

I love Slot V very much!


I love Slot V very much! As I once began to play with my husband in it, we remain here. We are gradually separating from our salaries so as not to play for the latter. And now we relax a little. Usually my husband told me everything, but I worried about support three times - they helped very politely. The money was withdrawn three times: somehow they won 116,000 rubles in slots with Sakura. Great, no problem!

Tatiana Stomina

Played since the days of slot machines in basements

namornik ikonka 300

I've been playing since the days of slot machines in basements. At one time, it was powerfully skidding. At times it flooded powerfully. But I play, I like it. I came to Slot V casino a year ago, I hang out here regularly. Tournaments and quests are cool - I even won them twice a year. I thought they would be tortured with payments, because there were always problems in other kazakhs. There is no - everything is on the clock. Now I follow new ones, but I constantly play SlotV.

Damir Guliyev

I played on the Volcanoes before they rolled down

minon bender

I played on the Volcanoes before they rolled down. Then I found Slot V and got stuck in it. I liked everything here: you can play free games, and the slots are cool, and the style. I also like the gorgeous letters from the casino, everything is very cool and well presented in them. Directly motivates and energizes. While registering, I asked for help from support - they quickly helped, explained everything without problems. I play every night!

Anastasia Sukhova

Slot B saw recently


Slot B saw recently. I was looking for some new casino, so that it would not be polled. I constantly came across some kind of negativity in support, then slots were buggy, then even small winnings were not withdrawn. It is impossible to relax like that, you just want to relax and twist in pleasure. Registered in Slot V three weeks ago - not a single question on the case. Everything is fast, high quality, official slots. Top casino!

Fedor Videv

Slot V is a top casino.


Slot V is a top casino. Excellent providers, licenses, support, slots without freezes - everything is as it should be. For me, it is important that nothing freezes during the game, because this spoils the pleasure. Therefore, I stay in Slot B, everything is as it should be and of high quality. For the design - separately respect, everything is beautiful and to the point. I will definitely say that one of the best today.

Nick rich

Play Slot B Slots

s200 jt.elek

I play Slot B slots (how strange). Everything I like is here: books, monkeys, strawberries. I have been playing slots for a long time, for about 10 years, probably. I've seen different casinos, some are better, others are worse. Slot B is optimal for me: there is a choice, they work stably, the slots are cool, there are no questions about support at all. What you need in gambling.

Victor Anatolievich

Slot in a great casino!


Kazya is normal. Adequate support, works stably. I play slots three times a week for a high. The choice is huge, all the coolest providers are here. What you need to distract yourself from worries and work. The mobile application, by the way, is gorgeous - it works without problems, does not freeze. For now, I'll play here.


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